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Chlamydomonas , genus of biflagellated single-celled green algae family Chlamydomonadaceae found in soil , ponds, and ditches. Chlamydomonas species can become so abundant as to colour fresh water green, and one...

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Chlamydomonas asexual reproduction pictures

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In this article we Chlamydomonas asexual reproduction pictures examine about the asexual and sexual methods of imitation that occur in the life cycle of chlamydomonas. A By zoospores- The zoospore formation takes prosper during favourable conditions. The zoospore formation takes make good as follows: The protoplast contracts and gets separated from the cell derange.

The parent cell loses flagella or in some species of Chlamydomonas flagella are absorbed. The contractile vacuoles and the neuro-motor apparatus disappear.

The protoplasm divides longitudinally by honest mitotic division forming two daughter protoplasts. The subordinate longitudinal division of protoplasm takes place at front angle to the opening, thus making four daughter chloroplasts. Sometimes the protoplasm may further divide to make daughter protoplasts. The pyrenoids and initials of neuro-motor apparatus also branch out.

The following points highlight the three modes of copy in algae. In that type, any vegetative interest of the thallus develops into late individual. It does not involve any spore display and there is no alternation of generations. It is the most simple method of reproduction in algae.

It is the simplest method of spawning. The unicellular forms of algae commonly reproduce by way of this unsophisticated process, over called binary fission as found in Chlamydomonas, Synechococcus Fig.

In this method, the multicellular filamentous thallus breaks into many-celled fragments, each of which gives rise to a brand-new individual. The fragmentation may be casual or next to the materialization of taking discs or by some other lifeless force or injury. That method of vegetative copying is organize in blue-green algae. Adventitious branches are formed in different populous thalloid algae, which, when detached from the fix body, bring out into reborn individuals e.

Protonema-like adventitious branches are formed from the internodes of Chara, stolons of Cladophora glomareta etc.

The study of such organisms really should not need justification. They are, like all living things, highly sophisticated machines and to ignore the inner workings of such natural machines would be truly ignorant of humanity.

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Chlamydomonas asexual printing pictures.

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Chlamydomonas asexual duplicate pictures.


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  1. Isogamy is a reproductive system where all gametes are morphologically similar, especially in terms of size.

  2. Chlamydomonas is a genus of green algae consisting of about species [1] all unicellular flagellates , found in stagnant water and on damp soil, in freshwater, seawater, and even in snow as "snow algae".

  3. 3. This is all preference, some people like it some people don't. I've completely forgot where you're trying to go with this whole thing.

  4. Sexual reproduction in Volvocine algae coevolved with the acquisition of multicellularity.

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