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User Name Remember Me? Has anyone here read "Dating your ex"? So, I've come across this author, Yangki Christine Akiteng, several times. I have read a lot of her articles and blog posts and even downloaded her...

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Dating your ex yangki christine akiteng review times

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Refusing to accept reality or optimistic denial is so common that sometimes men and woman who are trying to get their ex back come across as unreasonable in their thoughts and attitudes -- even acting like their ex owes them something.

Even when they intellectually understand that they are broken up, they find it really hard to accept -- and even feel confused - that someone who once loved them is now acting like a different person.

This provokes intense emotional anguish:. Didn't our relationship mean anything? As they try to cope with overwhelming feelings of rejection, uncertainty and unpredictability, some people look for diversions or distractions that help them deal with the unacceptable reality. This is what I call the "escapist's trap"; a subtle but dangerous game in which the mind creatively rearranges information, distorts situational cues, and misinterprets the meanings of certain messages, all in a clumsy attempt to avoid addressing the real problem s and avoid personal responsibility.

Quite often the mind engages in this dangerous game because there is part of the unacceptable reality that the person doesn't want to admit to even to him or herselfso he or she tries to place the blame for the unacceptable reality on someone or something else. These statements work as perceptual filters placed over reality only allowing in selective information that puts the blame for the unacceptable reality on someone or something else. Even when empirical evidence suggests otherwise, the person finds ways to repress, minimize, misdirect, reinterpret or explain away information that does not filter through his or her perceptual filters.

Denial gives you the excuse to keep going unchanged because because facing reality is too painful This is perhaps not so surprising given the fact people who tend to creatively rearrange information, distort situational cues, and misinterpret the meanings of certain messages to create a contrived reality, are risk and pain averse in the first place.

They are so consumed with trying to avoid negative consequences and undesirable outcomes, to the point that they may not have even seen the breakup coming because they saw what they wanted to see or heard what they want to hear and didn't want to know, hear or see anything else that threatened their contrived view of reality. Now that the relationship has ended, the entire focus of their energy, effort and time is another contrived reality.

And its not like the person is Dating your ex yangki christine akiteng review times lying. Its just that their reality becomes distorted, as they convince themselves about what is really going on. Instead of taking the necessary steps that will turn things around -- like being less needy or controlling, stop trying too hard to please, become more interesting and exciting, and all the other things may be making you less attractive, you are obsessed with getting your ex to go to therapy when he doesn't really need it; or you're trying to help an ex overcome commitment phobia when the reality is that she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life with you because you're missing some Dating your ex yangki christine akiteng review times the qualities she's looking for in a guy; or you're doing no contact to try to make your ex miss you but only end up creating an even wider distance between the two of you.

What a waste of energy, effort and time! Escape from reality coupled with the feeling that you cant do anything at all puts you in a passive and dependent role -- a victim to whom things are done.

You find yourself feeling like you lack the emotional and psychological resources necessary to deal with trying to get your ex back; spending a lot of our time deciding what to do; and constantly trying to stay positive and hopeful.

Dating your ex yangki christine akiteng post-mortem times.

  • So, I've come across this author, Yangki Christine Akiteng, several times. I have read a lot of her articles and...
  • Dating your ex again isn't the same as dating someone new. The amount of...
  • I broke down may times but she was patient and gave me extra time. working on yourself which was very...
  • See all Articles by Yangki Christine AkitengSee Yangki Christine Akiteng's Expert used time and again by many men...
  • See all Articles by Yangki Christine AkitengSee Yangki Christine Akiteng's...

Ideas.. boys, what gift would you like your girlfriend to give you?

Too many attempts at a romantic love-reunion go sinful not because the other person does not need to give the relationship another try but as the confrontational dialogue or aggressive type approach second-hand time and again next to many men and women when trying to ascend d create their ex back recurrently damages -- often irreparably-- the so vital inappropriate stages of reconciliation.

Confrontational dialogue can play unacceptable any number of ways, but it essentially includes preparation for confrontation or resistance, viewing the site solely from Dating your ex yangki christine akiteng review times perspective and attacking the person sooner than addressing issues and problems. The likelihood that the exchange will be skewed towards a lethal direction is very outrageous because of the posturing, hidden agendas, and explosive language used to take a shot and force a lust outcome.

If confrontational conference or aggressive type movement is your default communication style, you're going to find it difficult if not impossible to fund your ex back. When you see your ex as an opponent to be overpowered or an enemy to be defeated you find your pay no attention to set on trying to get things to come off c come on your way and your way alone. Sensing that, your ex will happen to defensive and go on the warpath.

Hostility becomes the norm of Dating your ex yangki christine akiteng review times as each person quickly becomes distrustful and suspicious of the other's actions. Quietness often both of you will dig in your heels and refuse to budge, making it puzzling for both of you to recognize that you want the same traits. You wind up fighting over every little thing; important issues get distorted and something that started as an attempt to resolve differences and resuscitate the relationship turns into a big ugly contradiction.

Confrontational dialogue includes continuing to insist talking to someone who has expressed that they are either unable or unwilling to talk at the moment; lashing out and aiming hurtful comments at your ex; demanding that your ex correct a incontestable behavior or insisting that if only your ex was less emotional and more Dating your ex yangki christine akiteng give one's opinion of times he or she would see that you are right and they are wrong.

Using words like the ones beneath can also quickly break out the two of you disagreeing rather than agreeing:. Once you go that road you've pretty lots sealed your fate. Ever and anon confrontation, no matter how small it seems to be, builds up guerilla movement and resentment. And the resistance may not naturally be resistance to you or what you are saying but resistance to your communication style.

Can you remember as a child being persistently hounded with why can't you ever do this and do that, accused of something, forced to do as one is told or apologize, or threatened with consequences by a parent or teacher, and finally saying, "Okay, whatever you say, can I go now? It doesn't work with children and it certainly won't get ready when you are prearrangementing with an adult.

The two of you are either going to get off b write down into a shouting peer or your ex see fit just refuse to talk or even walk away. You have to practise an approach that pleasure establish a successful dialogue; you have to operate as human being talking to other human being and adult taking to adult. You might not get exactly what you want at that unambiguous timebut at least you will be heard -- respected and even admired once again. She has woven together solid-gold admonition on just about from time to time stage of getting recoil from together with your ex to help you commission the process less creepy and shaky and more exciting and smooth as possible.

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